Frequently asked questions


Hypnobirthing? What on earth is that?

This needs a longer explanation so has its own page!

I am terrified of giving birth, are these classes really for me?

Yes absolutely! If you have been diagnosed with something called ‘tocophobia’ (an extreme phobia of childbirth) then you may want to consider a private class, but I would be happy to have you in a group class too. Contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss your needs.

When is a good time to start the classes?

The more time you have to practice the tools I will be teaching you, the more competent you will be at using them when labour comes around. Plus the techniques can benefit you during the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy too. That said, I would advise against starting before about 24 weeks as you want the information I give you to be fairly fresh!

Am I too late in pregnancy to benefit?

Unless you are in early labour right now I would say it’s never too late to learn this stuff! Hypnobirthing techniques can be really beneficial even when you don’t have many weeks of practice. I would suggest completing classes by 36 weeks of pregnancy, but if you are later than this it is still possible, just contact me to discuss your individual needs. If you are reading this in early labour sorry, it probably is a bit too late….

I’ve bought a Hypnobirthing book and listened to the tracks, will the class still benefit me?

Yes absolutely! As well as hypnobirthing techniques I give you evidenced based information on labour, birth and early days with a newborn baby that you won’t find in a hypnobirthing book and I also teach you about the NHS maternity system and how to navigate it in order to have your best birth.

No, is the short answer. This course covers everything you ‘need’ to know plus the hypnobirthing techniques so there is really no need to do both. There are lots of options available to parents in terms of antenatal classes which is a great thing so pick whichever one feels right for you. If you would like to know more about these classes then drop me a line.

We are thinking of doing NCT courses, should we do both?

I’m not sure I definitely want a ‘normal’ birth, is this class for me?

I really think so. There is lots of misinformation out there about what choices you have or what is the best, but I’m very confident you will be more informed about what is the best birth for you after attending these classes. If you go on to choose a planned caesarean, an early epidural or a home water birth I will be equally delighted for you. What matters to me is that you had the knowledge to make the right decision for you.

I’ve heard there are different hypnobirthing techniques… Which one do you teach?

Yes, there are many different approaches to hypnobirthing. I teach KGHypnobirthing as it is one of only two teacher training courses that is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. The other is the Marie Mongan method which I was taught for my births, but I felt is was a slightly more didactic approach. I find KGHypnobirthing a little more individualised and user friendly.

Any other questions? Just ask!