Course Content

Hypnobirthing classes Surrey

Session one - Introduction & background

  • What we want from our birth

  • Introduction to hypnotherapy

  • the power of words

  • the physiology of labour & birth

  • positive birth stories

Hypnobirthing classes Epsom

Session two - Getting practical

  • Practical tools to promote relaxation including breathing techniques, visualisations and relaxation scripts

  • Practical approaches to help baby adopt the most usual position,

  • positions to adopt during labour and birth,

  • Due dates and being ‘overdue’

  • Maternity services and how to navigate them

Hypnobirthing classes Sutton

Session three - The Birth

  • Evidence based choices for where to have your baby

  • Choices for pain relief (comfort measures)

  • Writing a birth proposal

  • Role of the Birth Partners

  • Stages of labour & down breathing

  • Communicating with your care providers

Hypnobirthing classes Banstead

Session four - Early days with a newborn

  • ‘The Golden Hour’

  • How to recognise a good latch

  • how breastfeeding works including how to effectively establish and maintain milk supply

  • ‘The fourth trimester’ - normal newborn behaviour (feeding & sleeping)

  • other feeding choices

  • baby care including safer sleep & temperature control, swaddling, baby wearing & bathing